DAC7, also known as EU Directive 2021/514, mandates that digital platforms, including online auction houses, must collect, verify, and report seller data to EU tax authorities. If you're based in an EU member state and your sales meet certain thresholds, you'll need to provide information for reporting.
For private sellers, this includes:

1. First and last name
2. Residential address
3. Tax identification number (TIN) or place and country of birth if TIN isn't available
4. Date of birth

For business sellers, the required information comprises:

1. Legal company name
2. Registered business address
3. Tax identification number (TIN)
4. Value-added tax (VAT) number
5. Business registration number
6. Confirmation of a permanent establishment (PE) within the EU

As the UK is no longer an EU member, Just Whisky Auctions will report DAC7 data to Irish tax authorities until January 31, 2025, after which reporting will shift to UK HMRC. Sellers registered in 2023 with sales over EUR 2000 or 30 lots will be reported by January 31, 2024. For sellers registered before January 1, 2023, reporting for the 2024 calendar year will be done by January 31, 2025.

Failure to provide requested information may lead to payment delays, as we're legally obligated to collect this data.
While DAC7 doesn't alter tax obligations, it enhances tax authorities' visibility into online transactions. Sellers remain responsible for declaring and paying taxes, and any queries should be directed to your tax authority.