Bowmore 22, 25 & 30 Years Old - The Gulls & Sea Dragon Ceramics
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Bowmore 22, 25 & 30 Years Old - The Gulls & Sea Dragon Ceramics

From Bowmore a 22, 25 & 30-year-old single malt whisky. Each encased in a beautiful ceramic bottle, presented in a silk lined box.

The Bowmore 22 & 25-year-old bottlings feature 'The Gulls'.

Decanter Weight - 22 Year Old: 1.6kg
Decanter Weight - 25 Year Old: 1.55kg

When the Scots spread from their Celtic homeland to create the Kingdom of Dal Riada, the Pictish and Brythonic tribes who already occupied the lands resisted fiercely. Legend has it that the daughter of a Pictish King fell in love with a captured Scottish warrior and helped him escape. Together they fled westwards to Islay. As they rowed towards the young warrior's home on the shores of Loch Indaal, a terrible storm lashed their boat, sending it crashing against the rocks.

The young Scot's clansmen found only splintered wreckage of the boat and no trace of the lovers - but a pair of white gulls soared and swooped together across the Loch, settling neither on the western nor the eastern shore, as if torn between the two. This legend endures, and today, before a storm, the Bowmore Distillery echoes to the haunting cry of a pair of gulls

Bowmore 30 Year Old features 'The Sea Dragon'.

Decanter Weight: 1.6kg

Legend has it that the greatest Scottish warrior of all, Fionn mac Cumhaill - also known as Fingal - was walking across Islay with his two massive hounds: Bran & Sceolang.
Fionn, who was possessed of supernatural powers and superhuman strength, hoist one of the standing stones at Ardbeg and threw it half-way across the island - into the depths of Loch Indaal - for his dogs to fetch back. The splash made by the stone stirred the dark sands at the bottom of the Loch, and with them stirred from his thousand year sleep the sleeping form of the sea-dragon Kranna Dudh.
Kranna surged up from the depths and swam to the shore at Bowmore to meet with Fionn in combat. A fierce battle ensued, ending with Kranna lurching back to the Loch, mortally wounded by Fionn's magical sword, Mac a' Luin, his dark blood seeping into the waters.
To this day, the sea dragon's image appears on the Bowmore label. And it is said when the sun sets, Loch Indaal turns red with his blood - and that local mothers scold their children severely if ever they catch them pitching stones into the Loch.



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  • Strength: 43% vol X3
  • Bottle Size: 70cl X3
  • Distillery / Blender: Bowmore
  • Region: Islay
  • Lot Type: Full Size
  • Decanter Weight: 22YO - 1.6kg, 25YO - 1.55kg, 30YO - 1.6kg
  • Approximate Shipping Weight (!): 7kg
  • Please Note: Stains to inside and outside of 22yo box, split to insert (under lining) of 25yo box and sticky residue to top of all three boxes.