Dalmore Cask No. 800158 - Refill Hogshead - Held in Bond
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  • Dalmore Cask No. 800158 - Refill Hogshead - Held in Bond
  • Dalmore Cask No. 800158 - Refill Hogshead - Held in Bond

Dalmore Cask No. 800158 - Refill Hogshead - Held in Bond

Dalmore Cask No. 800158 - Refill Hogshead

One cask of Dalmore, distilled February 2009. Originally 225 bulk litres were filled into a Refill Hogshead on the 11th February 2009.

The cask was regauged on 19th April 2018 and found to contain 198.13 bulk litres at a strength of 58.9%, yielding around 283 x 70cl bottles at full cask strength (more, if diluted down).

The whisky is currently stored at the Auchroisk Distillery under the care of Diageo.

The successful winner of this lot will receive a certificate of ownership from the current UK Duty Representative. They will also have the option to change the UK Duty Representative.

Fees / Other costs to be aware of:

Storage Fees

Annual Storage Fees are pre-paid until 19th December 2022, after which storage of £100 GBP will be due per year by the new buyer.

Bottling Costs / Removal from Bond

The cask is currently held in bond. Any costs relating to bottling or removal from the bond will be incurred by the new cask owner.

Once payment for the lot has been made by bank transfer only, the funds will be held by Just Whisky Limited, and only transferred to the seller once the buyer has received documentation and proof of ownership.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: a subtle hint of auburn but this is a naked Dalmore in its natural state

Nose: a promising thurst to the nose with vanilla pod scrapings, lime juice, refreshers and icing sugar. So there's a youthful vibrancy with mint leaf, a light toffee and mineral chalky aspect. Water brings out a creaminess and the cask charr.

Mouth: apple peelings, ripe pears and Custard Creams. Perhaps not a huge amount of development. We'll try water. This provides more of the same plus almonds,  a white tea, dried fruits and a subtle orange.

It's very drinkable at cask strength and has a refreshing lightness and youthful vibrancy.



22-07-2018 20:00


Winning Bid: £ 12,000.00

Reserve met
  • Strength: 58.9%
  • Bottle Size: 116.7 Litres (198.13 Bulk Litres)
  • Distillery / Blender: Dalmore
  • Region: Highlands
  • Cask No: 800158
  • Cask Type: Refill Hogshead
  • Lot Type: Complete Cask