August 2015

Just Whisky is live with our biggest ever auction. This summer sees a massive amount of interesting and rare bottles to bid on. With a huge selection of silent distillery bottlings, a great array Rare Malts, almost all the Easter Elchies, a bunch of Flora & Fauna, smattering of Karuizawa, Port Ellen, and Silent Stills as well as plenty of Limited Ardbeg’ s, Brora, Glenlivet Cellar Collection and many many more!

Some of the more Eagle Eyed customers may notice there is now a filtering option on the left hand side of the page (desktop & tablet only). This allows you to narrow the auction right down to what you're looking for. Just click on the filter you'd like and click on it again to remove it. More than one filter can be applied at any one time - for instance you can view Miniatures from Closed Distilleries by clicking both filters.

We’re excited for this auction to get going and invite you all to have a look and place your bids!

Grid view
List view